Charity Finances

At Cic Beauty™, we care about where our contributions go. We care about the organizations having accountability for what they stand for. That's why our team has carefully reviewed and taken the time to fully research each charity considered. We believe in being transparent with our customers so that you may have peace of mind and know that your contributions are going to a reputable and beautiful cause.

There are 1.1 million children in Uganda who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Many of these orphans live with their grandmothers who cannot afford to send them to school. Nyaka knows of 43,000 HIV/AIDS orphans in southwest Uganda and provides 768 of these children education through two primary schools, a vocational secondary school, and scholarships to attend schools in Uganda. Nyaka provides free education, healthcare, meals, and clean water to students in nursery class through university.



Why isn’t this based on more recent date?”

How current is your data?

Unless there is a delay at the IRS*, Charity Navigator receives copies of the Form 990 directly from the IRS about 3-4 months after a charity files. Thus, our ratings are based on the most current information made public by each charity. We publish the fiscal year ending (shown as 'FYE' followed by a month and year) on each charity's rating page so you know the time period our rating covers.

That said, charities are given 135 days following the end of their fiscal year to prepare and file their Form 990. Beyond that time limit, many charities request extensions. As a result, organizations often file their 990 eight to ten months after their fiscal year ends-- a lifetime in financial sectors. If the charity you are considering has outdated financial information, we encourage you to contact them and tell them you expect them to be timelier. Their timeliness in reporting their data will allow you to make smarter giving decisions.

*In the summer of 2016, the IRS had technical issues which delayed the delivery of 990s to Charity Navigator for several months.









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