NEW! Frost Shampoo (Kryotherapy -Zero° Haircare line)- 1L

Regular price $85.00

Is shampooing is not enough to take care of your dead skin cells on the scalp? Starting the hair care from the scrub is the base of your hair beauty. The natural ingredients of Jaborandi and Bardana plants with anti-inflammatory benefits will revitalize and strengthen the hair roots. The micro-spheres of Aloe Vera with antibacterial properties.

This nourishing shampoo features a lightweight blend to deliver a long-lasting clean, while treating the scalp.

Benefits:  combat oiliness, refreshing, scalp relief from itching and irritation, promoting detox effect and activating cell renewal, promoting skin renewal and unclogs pores for optimal scalp health, gentle scrub with micro-exfoliating to eliminate pollution and build-up.

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