Neo Powder® Shampoo- A Water Activated Cleanser

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Product image 3Neo Powder® Shampoo- A Water Activated Cleanser
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Product image 7Neo Powder® Shampoo- A Water Activated Cleanser

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With NO preservatives and suitable for all hair types, our Neo Powder® Shampoo- A water activated cleanser is a Neo concept in hair care. 

Traditional shampoos contain about 70%-80% of water. We’re the first company to create a shampoo made with 100% effective ingredients and no water.  This is NOT a dry shampoo.  It is a WATERLESS shampoo that is activated with water.  Neo Powder will

- Clean your hair, leaving no buildup,

- Strengthen your hair,

- Enhance shine, thickness and color

- Strengthen your hair without stripping away natural oils. 

Simply apply powder to your scalp, massage, lather, and wash. Repeat if necessary.


 Neo Powder Shampoo

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