Rejuvenate Your Hair With neo powder™ shampoo

Saving water while you shower or shampoo is the first step towards a brighter future. Neo Powder™ Shampoo (a water activated cleanser)pushes you to try out a hair care routine which can readily change bad habits of wasting water.

It's a revolutionary product which aims towards changing the whole regime of how people shampoo their hair, being conscious about the environment, providing a healthier life style. cicbeauty™ uses no diluted products which can help you decrease the wastage of water.

Igor says-having being been born burn and raised growing in brazil, saving up my entire life in brazil save water is definitely a being part of my culture, it’s in our every day life. , not only for the fact that sometimes we did experience some water shortages shortage off water in some communities or cities, and the cost that is still way higher than here in America makes me be very conscious about it but the cost was and still is way more expensive than here in America. But we just like to save because we believed that is we waste it today, someone will run out tomorrow! I remember many times hear my grand mother scream eden to turn off the shower if I was not getting rinsed or to turn off the faucet while brushing.” -affirm Igor

Doing some research on how other countries (including brazil) Let’s look over creative in some of the ways by which you can save water: while you’re on the shower.

  • Use a bucket to store water instead of using the shower head.
  • Use the excess of water to flower your plants or even use it in the toilet for cleaning purposes.
  • Decrease the time spend in the shower. Just by timing the shower, that way no one end’s up using more water than you need.

In todays world opt for shower products which can essentially save water. These products will require you to use the minimum amount of water or none at all. Alternative products have the capacity to save you time as well as lessen the wastage of water.

Most of the products in the market need a lot of water to function properly. However, with a waterless product, you can doubtlessly obtain an alternate way to save water.

“Nearly 5% of US greenhouse gas emissions are associated with water and wastewater” quoted Colgate-plamolive’e global director, Vance Merola.

This is 45 million ton of emissions a year.

When you use water with traditional shampoos, it only dilutes the ingredients while decreasing their overall effect. It fails to provide proper nourishment and care to the health of your hair. Cicbeauty  provides waterless products by replacing it with Hydroponic Acid which is far more hydrating. The natural hydration ingredient present in traditional shampoos is not capable of working well with the natural serum of your scalp.

How can you use the neo powder™ shampoo to get the perfect hair results?

  • To begin, shake the shampoo powder well onto your scalp and start massaging in a gentle manner. This will essentially allow the powder to absorb the excess oil present in your hair which is similar to how a dry shampoo works.
  • Next add water to lather and start massaging your scalp slowly.
  • You can lather it further followed by rinsing your hair. You can also repeat the whole process if you desire.

Benefits and superior features of Neo Powder™ Shampoo:

  • It promotes the overall production of natural melanin which is good for the health of your hair and keep your hair young longer.
  • It is ecologically conscious, helps in saving water.
  • It can be easily stored anywhere. Its lightweight nature allows you to travel without any issue of carrying liquid in your checked bag.
  • One bottle of the neo powder™ shampoo can last up to 4 times longer than compared to any traditional shampoo.
  • It can help you in removing the excessive amount of sebum from your scalp while  balancing the ph and improving new hair growth.
  • The waterless product comes without any added preservative, since it contains no water there  is no room for bacteria to grow.

cicbeauty™ provides an improved way to properly cleanse your scalp while simultaneously giving a helping hand to save our planet. The revolutionary era is here, and this brand new Hair-Volution promotes the concept of saving water.

Neo Powder™ Shampoo provides a modern way, a neo way, of hair care. You can achieve luxurious hair with proper cleansing of your hair and scalp. It helps in enhancing the overall shine, thickness, color, and even the strength of your hair while preserving the natural oils. Conventional shampoos require more water if you want them to be effective whereas, Neo Powder™ Shampoo is basically the first ever shampoo which is made up of 100 percent effective ingredients. It aims at changing your entire look with a new mode of thinking and hair care routine.

cicbeauty’s products compel you to preserve water. While you focus on saving water, it’s also primal to know that you are using the right quality of the product in the shower. With Cicbeauty™, you can take a positive step forward for the benefit of the environment along with focusing on looking flawless, because this will change the way we think, change the way we do, and change the way you look..

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