Gift Your Hair the Power of a Magical Innovation

Gift Your Hair the Power of a Magical Innovation!

Hair constitutes to be one of the most noticeable parts of your look. To rejuvenate your hair and provide your personality that enhanced look, cic beauty has come up with a magical innovation! As Artur C. Clarke once said: “Magic is only science that has yet to be discovered.” We call it the ‘a.c.e. hair infuser. In a world of instant gratification, the ‘A.C.E. Hair Infuser’ is gaining much popularity and is re-shaping the hair beauty landscape. Use this infuser to enjoy the best possible beauty experience.


What is the A.C.E. Hair Infuser?

A.C.E. is Cic Beauty Adept™ Complex Elixir which contains Adept™ Complex.

The adept™ stands for:

  • Anhydrous
  • Damage
  • Erasing
  • Patented (proprietary)
  • Technology

While most hairstyle products are loaded with chemicals, the the A.C.E. Hair Infuser system is inspired from mother nature. It is synergistically designed to create one of the most incredible hydrating and refreshing experiences for your hair. It creates droplet particles that instantly refresh the hair and add shine for styling touch-ups throughout the day.

It doesn’t get the hair wet. It is not water. It is magic. It is technology.

The story behind the magical innovation of A.C.E. Hair Infuser:

The story behind this phenomenal product is as magical as the product itself. The brainchild of two well-known hairstylists with a combined experience of 40+ years in the hair care industry, the A.C.E. Hair Infuser has an exceptional birth story. Imagine that you’re inspired by mother nature and then work exceptionally hard to turn that idea into a reality. Is that routine? We’re sure, it’s not!

The duo was traveling to the planes in Africa very early in the morning and the mist was entering the mountain. The mist was hydrating their skin and hair, without wetting them. Dew, a gift of mother nature inspired them to innovate the A.C.E. Hair Infuser.

How does the A.C.E. Hair Infuser work?

This incredible infuser vaporizes your favorite Adept™ Complex Elixir (A.C.E.) transforming it into tiny droplets. It creates unique anhydrous liposomes at the moment of application. It penetrates the cuticle of the hair and anchors it deep into the cortex of the hair for magical results. These allow the elixir to absorb deeper than any conventional spray or aerosol: without wetting or dampening the hair. It leaves your hair shining with moisture, lustrous, and manageable: never greasy or hard to the touch.

Benefits of the A.C.E. Hair Infuser:

With an array of advantages, the A.C.E. Hair Infuser is undoubtedly a beauty essential. It is portable and can be easily carried along wherever you go, for those clammy touch-ups throughout the day. It gives your hair the rejuvenating and lustrous look without wetting or damping them without having to shampoo and restart a new style!

The product is designed to be used with any of the cic’s Adept™ Complex Elixirs to enhance the delivery of each specially formulated ingredient: maximizing benefits while working synergistically with your hair’s natural lipids.

And that is not all!

Cic Beauty™ is a green and cruelty-free brand (we love our pets!). No product was tested on animals. Thus, you can use it guilt-free.

Add distinctive beauty to your hair with the A.C.E. Hair Infuser and get the look no one can refuse!

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